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How To Check if Your Rolex is Keeping Time

To check if your Rolex is keeping accurate time, fully wind it and position the second hand at 12 o'clock on a flat surface. Use a reliable timing device set to the exact time, and observe the second hand on your Rolex for 24 hours. If it matches the timing device, your watch is accurate. If not, see a professional watch technician.

Watch accuracy is the ultimate measure of a well made watch.  It is a measurement watchmakers compete against each other on, but it is becoming increasingly difficult to work out which mechanical watches are the most accurate, and the marketing hype doesn’t help. 


Many Rolex watch owner’s doubt their watch is telling the right time so we have put together a free resource guide for you.




How Accurate Are Rolex Watches


Since 1951 Rolex has had an extremely stringent testing process for its movements.  They are individually tested and receive a COSC chronometer certification.  All movements are sent through the same process which has resulted in watches with a very high level of accuracy.   Each movement is tested for 15 days, at 3 different temperatures and in 5 different positions.


Movements which measure within a -4 / +6 accuracy receive the certificate, those who do not are sent back to the factory.


Testing your Rolex yourself is still a good idea, if you can get it tested before you make a purchase even better. 


Here are the top home testing tools you can use to test if you Rolex is keeping time.



Top Tools For Checking The Accuracy Of Your Rolex


1.    Tool Watch


This tool uses the most accurate atomic clock on earth to synchronize your mechanical Rolex and check its accuracy. It, of course, was made in Switzerland and is totally free to use, they would love you to buy them a coffee though to say thanks! Track your measurements inside the platform and keep your data in one place.


Their watch manifesto;


“We love crazy tourbillons, huge power reserves, intricate complications and fine craftsmanship. But a watch must give accurate time. This should be watchmaker’s first obsession. Forget about the bullshit.”


Check Your Rolex Is Keeping Time With ToolWatch



2. Twixt


What is cool about this app is that it brings precise camera based time measurement technology to the iphone & iphone touch.  You can track the accuracy of your Rolex and other timepieces really easily and capture the images & data inside the app.   Twixt verifies the time on your iphone with the NTP Network Time Protocol, ensuring your Rolex is tested against the most accurate time.


Check Your Rolex Is Keeping Time With Twixt



What To Do If Your Rolex Is Losing Time



If your Rolex is losing more than 6 seconds per day you should take it to a watchmaker.  Any less than this and it is within normal boundaries but ideally it should keep time to within -4 / +6.


Ensuring your Rolex is properly wound is important, make sure that it is getting enough movement.  If you regularly swap watches and are not wearing it during the day, then getting a watch winder is a good idea.


Another tip is to ensure your Rolex is standing on its crown when you place it on a surface, this can help keep the accuracy.  Making sure it is not sitting in direct sunlight or next to a cold draft temperature change can affect the mechanics inside the watch  so keep temperatures level.


If your Rolex isn’t running within the normal boundaries then you really should take it to a watchmaker.  Here are some troubleshooting tips to help you figure out what might be wrong.

Rolex Troubleshooting


What To Do If Your Rolex Is Running Fast


A common reason for Rolex’s to run fast is that the balance spring has become magnetized. Although Rolex does take precautions it can still happen. It can happen because powerful magnets are now found in some stereos and laptops.  When the balance spring becomes magnetized the coils stick together and the balance spring shortens, this speeds up the watch.  Don’t worry – this can be fixed! If you think this has happened to your Rolex then take it to a watchmaker who will be able to fix it.


What To Do If Your Rolex Is Running Slow


One reason your Rolex could be running slow is because you need to clean it. And no, we don’t mean giving the face a quick wipe.  There is a lot of intricate detail inside the mechanics of the watch which can gather small particles of dirt over time.  It is important to get your Rolex serviced every few years.  If you find that it is running slow, take it to a watchmaker who can give it a thorough clean and service.

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