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Taking Care of Your Rolex

Take Care of Your Rolex

With a Rolex on your wrist you’re not just wearing a watch, you are wearing a machine. A piece of mechanical technology with such accuracy it tells time within a deviation of thirty-five millionths a day.

You’ve invested a lot into this time piece & we want to help you ensure it stays in top condition. Over the next few minutes we will guide you through the steps you should put in place to take care of your Rolex.

Clean Your Rolex Regularly

You need to clean your clothes, you need to clean your face, you need to clean your Rolex.  Didn’t your mum ever teach you that?  But seriously, you gotta clean your Rolex regularly & there are some specific steps we recommend.

Step #1: Before You Clean Your Rolex Seal the Case

Something you probably already knew about your Rolex is that it’s waterproof & it needs to stay that way during cleaning. When you tighten the winding crown make sure you don’t overdo it, this can damage the watch. The crown needs to be tight enough to form a proper seal against the elements, and that’s all.

Step #2: Washing Your Rolex

When it comes to washing, fairy washing up liquid just isn’t going to cut it, nor is your disinfectant spray underneath the sink. We recommend a specialized cleaner called Vereat.

It makes cleaning really simple, it is a specialized formula which keeps your Rolex safe from abrasion. Just spray it on and wipe it off with a soft cloth.  This cleaner will leave the links in the watch shining, and accentuate the jewels.

If you have a lot of dirt on your watch, maybe you took it on an off road trip somewhere, it might need more than a spray. In this case you can brush off the dirt with a soft toothbrush and submerge your watch in warm water.

Gently clean around all the links and work your way around the watch using circular motions with the toothbrush, be careful not to press it too hard. Once all the dirt is removed spray Veraet and wipe it clean to leave it shining.

Final note, if you need to clean your watch now and you don’t have time to wait for the spray then warm water with a tiny bit of non-chemical soap, the kind you wash your hands and face with can also work. Just don’t, whatever you do grab the dettol, or clean it like this…

Washing Your Rolex

Credits For This Epic Invention Go To Larry D

Step #3: Dry Your Rolex Watch

This section is just as important as the cleaning stage because you don’t want watermarks dulling your Rolex. Pat it dry with a soft clean cloth until the watch is dry and then take a hairdryer on a very low, cool setting and dry in between the links for a few minutes. Once finished, pat dry again with a soft cloth. You should now have a clean, shiny watch

How To Lay Your Rolex Down

Taking care of your watch isn’t just about cleaning it properly. You also want to guard it from scratching and let’s face it most of the time we aren’t going to place it back in its casing before you hit the pillow. So get into the habit of laying it down correctly instead.

The best way to rest it on a surface is underneath something soft. Avoid placing it on marble and stone surfaces, place it on a piece of cloth. If you need to rest it on stone or marble, then rest it on its side so that its stable and the least amount of surface area is in contact with the surface.

Be Careful When It’s On Your Wrist

Make sure your Rolex bracelet is the right size for your wrist. If it is too long, then it will slide around and that is not good for the links and general wear and tear of the watch. So get it sized correctly and ensure it is stable and resting against your wrist properly throughout the day.

If Water Gets Inside Act Immediately

Although your Rolex is waterproof, water may find its way inside. If this happens make sure you act immediately.  Take it to watchmaker for servicing as condensation or water droplets can start to corrode the inside of the watch and interfere with the mechanics.

Rinse After Swimming or Going In The Sea

You can wear your Rolex in the sea or out swimming, just make sure if you do you rinse it off afterwards.  And always ensure the winding crown is tightly screwed into the case before you do so the watch is waterproof and protected.

When to Get Your Rolex Serviced

Your Rolex is only a wise investment if it is looked after, getting it serviced regularly is an important part of the upkeep you need to factor in when you purchase it.  We recommend getting it serviced by a watchmaker every 3-5 years. Make sure that you go to someone with experience in Rolex watches, if not Rolex then they at least must have experience working with mechanical watches.

We hope you take this advice and look after your Rolex with care. It isn’t just a watch, it’s an investment, so look after it.


Your Rolex is not just a watch; it’s a precision machine deserving of meticulous care. Regular cleaning with specialized solutions like Vereat ensures its longevity, safeguarding it against damage and maintaining its brilliance. Proper storage, sizing of the bracelet, immediate action in case of water entry, and regular servicing every 3-5 years are crucial steps to keep your investment in top condition. By following these guidelines, you contribute to the enduring legacy of your Rolex, a testament to both craftsmanship and responsible ownership.

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