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Properly Maintaining Your Luxury Watch in Five Easy Steps

Properly Maintaining Your Luxury Watch

In our last article here at the Chronoexpert blog, we learned about several common ways in which watches can be damaged and how to avoid them.  Today, we’re going to learn more about maintaining your luxury watch on a daily basis and what some of the things are that you should be doing to both keep your watch running smoothly for years and maintain its value as an investment:

Step #1 – Regular Cleaning

Most people wear their watches every day, but hardly any of them take the time to regularly clean their watches.  Can you think of any other accessory worn next to your skin that you don’t clean for weeks or months at a time?   Simply rub with a dry micro-fiber jeweler’s cloth every couple of days, and you’ll remove all the dirt, oil, and other buildup that can erode the metal of your watch over time.

Step #2 – Don’t Skimp on Servicing

Even if you treat your luxury watch with kid gloves, you should still have it fully serviced every three to five years at the most.  If your watch regularly comes in contact with water, you’ll want to have the resistance checked on an annual basis as well, or you could be looking at expensive repairs down the line.  Gaskets and other routine parts do break down, and the oils and greases used internally to keep the mechanical movement running smoothly dry up over time as well.

Step #3 – Pay Attention to the Band

Many luxury watch owners do a fine job maintaining the watch itself, but can forget that the band or bracelet also needs attention.  If you regularly wear perfume or cologne, try to apply it before putting your watch on to extend the life of the band.  If your band is leather, ensure that it stays dry to keep it from wearing out or beginning to smell oddly. 

Step #4 – Avoid Aftermarket Repairs

Owning a luxury watch that meant to last for decades, it is inevitable that you will at some point need to repair it.  Don’t be tempted to use aftermarket parts, even for internal-only replacement work that isn’t immediately visible.  The pieces inside most luxury watches machined to an extremely fine degree of precision, and even a tiny discrepancy between an aftermarket part and a factory original can potentially cause mechanical issues or other costly problems in the future.

Step #5 – Store it Safely

Almost everyone understands the basics of watch care and maintenance, but few luxury watch owners really give thought to the proper storage of their timepieces.  If you have invested tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in a watch, invest a few dollars more to get a proper watch case for it.  The case will help keep out dust and other contaminants that can damage the internal workings of the piece and provide it a safe, cushioned storage spot where it won’t be scratched by your other jewelry or items.

If you follow these five simple tips, you will add years to the lifespan of your luxury watch and potentially avoid some costly repairs.  Check back regularly at the Chronoexpert blog for all sorts of information related to the proper care and maintenance of your favorite luxury watch brands.

Conclusion – Maintaining Your Luxury Watch

The proper maintenance of your luxury watch is essential for preserving its timeless elegance and ensuring optimal functionality.

By following the five easy steps outlined in this guide, you can extend the lifespan of your cherished timepiece and keep it in pristine condition for years to come. Regular cleaning, careful storage, timely servicing, and avoiding unnecessary exposure to harsh elements are all integral aspects of responsible watch ownership.

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