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4 Tips for Successfully Buying New Old Stock Watches

Buying New Old Stock Watches

If you have looked at watch auctions or ever shopped for them online, you may have come across so-called “NOS” Watches; an abbreviation for new old stock watches.  Today we’re going to learn what that term means specifically, as well as a few tips and tricks that can help ensure you get the most out of your purchases.

So what does the phrase new old stock watches indicate?  Generally, it refers to watches which were manufactured in the past but are not currently produced, and which have never been worn for a significant period of time.  Sometimes, these watches will come from reserve stock that a retailer has held on to, or when watch sellers liquidate inventory or clear out stockrooms and warehouse space.

Now that we understand what new old stock watches are, we’re going to learn some tips that can help you successfully find the best deals in NOS and vintage watches:

Reputation is Everything

You’ll want to thoroughly research both the individual or entity selling the new old stock watches, as well as the specific watch brands you are looking at.  Some brands have a better reputation than others when it comes to holding up over time – Baume et Mercier watches are known for being excellent NOS choices, for example.  The reputation of the seller is also of paramount importance, given that it is usually much more difficult to detect fraud or damage when it comes to watches than most other commercial goods.  Deal with reputable sellers only, on reputable platforms, and you’ll avoid many of the scams and rip-offs in this market.

Verify Watch is Genuine

One of the first and most important questions you should directly ask someone selling new old stock watches you are interested in is whether their products are genuine.  Pay close attention to not only their actual response, but also the way in which they deliver it – if something doesn’t seem right, walk away.  It is also a good idea to research the exact watch models you are considering purchasing to learn which markings should be present on a legitimately produced unit, and then to inquire whether all of these are present on the specific units you are looking at.  If there is an actual serial number you can verify with the original manufacturer that is ideal.

Evaluate Extent of Potential Damage

While most pieces categorized as new old stock watches by their sellers have never been worn for any significant period of time, they may still have become damaged at some point in storage or shipment.  Depending on the specific watch you are looking at, you’ll want to investigate potential issues such as oxidation or rust, scratching, denting, chipping, the status of the water resistant seal if it has one, issues with the strap or band, as well as any servicing records the piece have had.  If there are gemstones or other valuable inserts, you’ll also want to ensure that they are all present and accounted for.

Use a Payment Method Which Has Purchase Protection

While it is a good idea to have a frank discussion with the seller prior to purchasing new old stock watches about their return policy, when it ultimately comes time to pay for your purchase, ensure you use a payment method that provides some form of purchase protection, such as a credit card or PayPal account.  That way, if something goes horribly wrong despite your research and discussions with the seller, you have an excellent chance of getting your money back, should a formal dispute ever arise between the two of you.

Here at the Chronoexpert Marketplace, we strive to provide our customers with one of the best venues to purchase new old stock watches.  All of the pieces we sell on our site have passed through our facilities and been personally authenticated by our expert staff, removing a lot of the guesswork and worry when it comes to purchasing these types of watches.  You simply won’t run into issues related to fraud or counterfeits, damage, outrageous pricing, or anything else – just a fantastic selection of great watches at fair prices. 


What is New Old Stock (NOS) in the context of watches?

New Old Stock refers to watches that were manufactured in the past but never sold or used. These watches have been stored and preserved in their original condition, often with the original packaging and tags.

Why should I consider buying a New Old Stock watch?

NOS watches offer a unique opportunity to own a brand-new timepiece from a bygone era. They often come with vintage charm, pristine condition, and sometimes even with historical significance. Additionally, they may appreciate in value over time.

How can I verify if a watch is genuinely New Old Stock?

Authenticating NOS watches involves checking for several factors such as the condition of the watch, the presence of original packaging and tags, and verifying the provenance. Documentation, certificates, and a reputable seller can also contribute to the verification process.

Where can I find New Old Stock watches for sale?

NOS watches can be found through various channels, including reputable watch dealers, vintage watch shops, and online platforms specializing in vintage timepieces. Auction houses and collector forums are also places to explore.

What should I look for when examining the condition of a New Old Stock watch?

Pay close attention to the overall condition, including the dial, hands, case, and crystal. Check for any signs of wear, aging, or damage. Ensure that the movement is in good working order. A complete set with original box and papers adds to the watch’s desirability.

Are NOS watches more valuable than regular vintage watches?

In many cases, yes. The pristine condition and original packaging of NOS watches can make them more desirable to collectors, potentially increasing their value. However, factors such as brand, model, and historical significance also play a role in determining value.


Purchasing New Old Stock watches presents a captivating journey into horological history. These pristine timepieces offer a rare blend of vintage allure and contemporary potential. With careful authentication, a discerning eye for condition, and choosing reputable sellers, enthusiasts can relish the charm of a bygone era on their wrists. Whether cherished as collector’s items or worn daily, New Old Stock watches provide a unique opportunity to own a piece of timekeeping heritage that transcends generations.

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